Convert any Model

More than 70 Modeling Tool Formats
supported covering BPMN, UML, SysML,
Entity Relationship, EPK and many more…

any Tool Format

Leverage your Assets

Become Tool Independent

TOOLBUS™ helps you to leverage your investments in models – independent of tool formats.

Get Professional Support

Our professionals have converted thousands of large and complex models in almost any notation – some challenging migrations might require support.

Continuously Exchange Models via TOOLBUS™

TOOLBUS™ converts models continuously to integrate them across tool boundaries along your software development lifecycle or within your business process management organization.

More than 70 tool formats supported – and still growing
Almost any notation: BPMN, UML, SysML, Entity Relationship, EPK, eEPK and many more
Used by the top Fortune 500 Companies and many Government Institutions
…and more than 3 decades of premium service

This is how it works

1.) You request an offer for your individual source and target tool

2.) We send you a quote

3.) You buy the TOOLBUS™ and get a download link

4.) You may convert an unlimited number of models

Alternatively we can do the conversion for you if you have a limited number of models to be converted.

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You miss your tool as part of TOOLBUS™? We will change that:

Heritage & and new Future

TOOLBUS™ has been developed by the famous Mr. Reischmann and his team from Reischmann Informatik. For more than three decades the Reischmann TOOLBUS™ has been the de facto standard for migrating and converting models.

In 2015 a new Team under the leadership of Andreas Ditze has taken over and will maintain and enhance this unique technology platform.