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Convert Rational System Architect to Enterprise Architect

Current version: 2.01

Important to know

The TOOLBUS Interface for Sparx Enterprise Architect and IBM Rational System Architect enables the migration of
+ UML Activity Diagrams
+ UML Class Diagrams
+ UML Collaboration Diagrams (UML Communication Diagrams)
+ UML Component Diagrams
+ UML Deployment Diagrams
+ UML Sequence Diagrams
+ UML State Chart Diagrams (UML State Machine Diagrams)
+ UML Use Case Diagrams from Rational System Architect to UML Diagrams in Enterprise Architect, and the migration of Business Process Models from Rational System Architect to BPMN Diagrams in Enterprise Architect. The diagram appearance of the System Architec t UML diagrams and Business Process Models is preserved in Enterprise Architect. All UML Diagrams. or Business Process Models contained in a System Architect encyclopedia are imported into Enterprise Architect in one import run.

Conversion Process

Interface Technology: The TOOLBUS Interface for Enterprise Architect and Rational System Architect reads Rational System Architect Encyclopedias using the API functions of System Architect, and it uses the API functions of Enterprise Architect to create new objects and diagrams in an Enterprise Architect Project (EAP file or database repository).


The TOOLBUS Interface for and Enterprise Architect and Rational System Architect requires Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. The interface supports Sparx Enterprise Architect versions 6.0 to 8.0 and IBM Rational System Architect versions 10 and 11.

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